Rilmac Group of Companies. Your Specialist Subcontractors. Rilmac Asbestos Services, Rilmac Fabrication, Rilmac Insulation and Rilmac Scaffolding.  The Rilmac Group specialise in Asbestos Services, Metal Fabrication, Industrial Insulation and Scaffolding & Access Solutions.

Today, the Rilmac Group uses their vast experience to specialise in the Asbestos Removal Services, Metal Fabrication, Industrial Insulation and Scaffolding and Access markets. Working closely with our partners and clients, highly skilled, innovative and customer focused workforce enables us to deliver each project in a professional manner regardless of scale.

Today, we are using our vast experience and market expertise to drive forward the Rilmac companies specialising in the Asbestos, Fabrication, Insulation and Scaffolding markets. Collectively, our highly skilled, innovative and focused employees enable the business to deliver each project, regardless of scale, in a professional manner and to the highest safety standards.

Rilmac Fabrication are steel fabricators operating in the East Midlands. Our team draws upon a significant breadth of experience and skills from across a wide range of industrial sectors to provide a truly comprehensive steel fabrication service.

Whether it is sheet metal, stainless or heavy steel plate, machining, shot-blasting and painting, or packing for international shipment, our fabrication facilities provide an integrated and extensive range of capabilities, encapsulated within a professional service.

We pride ourselves in the quality products we produce. This culminated in being awarded BS 5750 part 2 in May 1992. We continue our commitment to quality right up to the present day where we have achieved BS EN ISO 9001.2008.

Our approach to our customers’ requirements is what sets us apart. We seek to truly understand our customers and what they are trying to achieve. We are naturally inquisitive and also insightful in every project. Our experience leads us to ask the right questions allowing us to get to the best solution quicker. Many of our customers will testify to the effectiveness of this approach. We know that communication and understanding are as vital as the quality of the workmanship.

Based in Lincoln, Lincolnshire, Rilmac Scaffolding provides access scaffolding throughout the UK. The majority of our scaffolding work is in and around the East Midlands encompassing Lincoln, Sheffield, Nottingham, Derby, Leicester,Peterborough, Hull and Grimsby.  Our new team in Northamptonshire also services clients in Northampton, Bedford,Kettering and across to Birmingham and down as far as Oxford and North London.

Our fully trained and experienced work force relish the challenge of providing focused, innovative solutions to our customers’ needs. Rilmac strongly engage with their customers to meet all deadlines, with the aim of delivering exceptional service.

Since 1990, the team at Rilmac Scaffolding have truly lived the Company’s values of professionalism, quality of workmanship and a “can do” approach. We have gone on to experience remarkable growth from 6 to 85 employees. Our customers have clearly benefitted from the Company’s approach with over 80% of our work coming from repeat customers.

A longstanding NASC member, Rilmac Scaffolding have achieved ISO 9001, 18001 and Achilles Accreditations – you can see our full list of accreditations here. Rilmac are proud to be one of the first scaffolding companies to have achieved ISO 18001 in the UK.

Interesting fact…Rilmac Scaffolding currently has enough scaffolding boards to stretch from London to Leeds!

Rilmac Insulation is able to provide a full professional commercial and industrial insulation service, from the coldest cryogenic temperatures to the hottest blast furnace, from a small plant modification to a full factory fit out. Wherever insulation is required Rilmac has the experience, know-how and resources to achieve the results you require.

At Rilmac Asbestos Services we use our vast experience to create a safe environment, provide a quality service and add value to every project. We offer a comprehensive, asbestos solutions package, from small domestic projects to major industrial asbestos removal projects.

Rilmac has a thorough understanding of this legally complex market and helped to develop efficient, best practice methods of work. Investment in health and safety, environment, training, quality systems and modern plant and equipment ensures Rilmac consistently delivers a cost effective, nationwide asbestos removal service from our offices in Lincoln, Sunderland and Waltham Abbey.

Established in 1957, Rilmac Insulation has developed vast experience in the Asbestos Removal Sector. The company has held a HSE licence since 1984 to remove asbestos.


Infrastructure, construction &
industrial scaffolding services.


Asbestos testing, removal &
management services.


Industrial thermal insulation &
cladding services.


Metal fabrication services &
industrial painting.