Project: Bespoke Replacement Staircases

Client: TRAD Safety Systems

Quantity: Two initially, potential for more

Materials: Mild Steel

Finish: Galvanised

Destination: Cummins Turbomachinery premises

Rilmac Fabrication were contracted by safe access specialists TRAD Safety Systems to design and build replacement external staircases for the Cummins Turbomachinery premises. The pre-existing stairs on site not only failed to meet current safety criteria but were also old and in need of repair. The client wanted to remove any vertical ladders for roof access.

The project involved the design, fabrication, and finishing of the replacement stairs as well as the installation at the premises without disrupting the ongoing work. In order to facilitate this the work was staged with each individual stairway a separate phase.

In all phases Rilmac Engineers visited the site to take measurements and photos to ensure an exact fit for the new stairs. New design drawings were then prepared by Rilmac engineer Dave Gilchrist for each of the replacement safety compliant staircases. Each staircase was then fabricated from mild steel and galvanised. Rilmac fabricators then visited site to remove the outdated stairs and replace with the new bespoke versions.

Phase One saw the replacement of stairs on a clad single storey building. The entrance door was situated above ground level for a mezzanine floor. These stairs needed to be extended to allow for safe roof access. This phase was begun in late 2018 and finished early 2019.

Phase Two was the replacement of stairs on a two-storey building. The requirement was for access to a door on second floor above an access point for a compressor. Not only was access to the compressor required but also the lower few steps needed to be angled to allow use of an existing fire hydrant. There was also a platform required at first floor height with an additional two flights of stairs up to roof height for access. Fitting access on site was highly restricted and overcome through a careful sequence of build.

Phase Three is in design, which has some channelling aspects.

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"I’m extremely proud of this site and what we have achieved thus far as a site team in the short time we have been here and to be receiving positive feedback not only from my line managers but also from subcontractors is truly honouring.
With regards to your team, as I have said before they are some of the finest scaffolders I have ever came across and I continue to enjoy working with them and hope to do so for a long time to come.
Thank you for your continuing efforts on site, I look forwards to seeing you in the future."

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