Project: Proof Load Testing

Industry: Energy Sector

Proof Load Weight: 16 tonnes

Final Load: Turbine Engines

As part of a contract to fabricate two steel Transit Container units, designed for the secure transportation of gas turbine engines, Rilmac Fabrication were required to provide Proof Load Testing services.  The Proof Load Test on this occasion ensured the stability of the steel construction and the strength of the 12mm swing bolts used to join the two main elements of the unit.  Each unit had concrete blocks, each weighing around 2.2 tonnes placed inside, and was then bolted securely together.

An independent inspector from Humberside Lifting & Safety oversaw the test, using specially calibrated equipment designed to give an accurate reading of the weight attained.  During testing both units were lifted individually with loads in excess of 16.25 tonnes and suspended for over five minutes as detailed in the client specification. After the test each unit was found to be free from damage or permanent deformation to the steelwork and no issues with the bolts or triangular links.  A great success.

As part of the Proof Load Test requirements each unit required non-destructive testing, pre and post load test.

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